She made a great show of shutting the door of the car. Given the fact that it was a big car and she was petite, she shouldn’t have bothered. The contrast attracted enough attention already.

Next she hurried over to where they stood and made a big show of hugging all the staff before finally holding firmly to the boss’s hand while explaining how it took her so much time to park because she was not used to her ‘husband’s’ car.

Lima smiled, wondering if the show was for her and if she was aware that she was the much talked about ‘Juliet’ where her to be husband was the ‘Romeo’. Nice job, the car wash had done. The car looked newer and more posh than it had yesterday when she had run into Samuel at the carwash behind her office. He had mentioned then that he came to wash the car because his woman needed to use it to the wedding today haven decided that hers was too small.

Lima gave it to her, Dona did know how to ‘ pepper dem’. She told them story after story connected with the travails of preparing for her wedding which was quite close.
Hopefully , nobody noticed her discomfort. Better still she thanked God that Samuel had not followed Dona to the wedding. It would have made things more awkward. She gladly fell in behind with the others leaving Dona to have the full attention of her Boss with whom she had ridden to the wedding and ought to share a seat.

At the reception venue, the story was the same. Was it just her, or was it a coincidence that Donna kept turning up everywhere she looked? Thankfully, something came up and she had to leave the reception abruptly. Even the unplanned invitation to the police station was a welcome development, if it meant not having to endure the invisible but strong tension with which Samuel’s wife to be had charged the environment they had briefly shared.

Her relief was short lived however because two days later when she got to work, it was barely noon when the door to her Boss’s office opened and Donna stepped in.

They barely exchanged nods before she stood up to flee but her Boss would have none of it. She called Lima back and took time to introduce them . Donna happened to have left the organizations just before Lima joined and had been outstanding in her performance just like Lima.

She’s smiled wondering who her Boss would support if it came to a choice. She made a mental note never to mention that she knew anything about Donna or her husband to be.

She sat down again on the invitation of her Boss and prayed that the visit would be short.

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