Chairman of AIT and Raypower, High Chief Alegho Dokpesi who is also a PDP chieftain is to hold a one man protest in Abuja today.

Dokpesi is protesting against what he regards to be unfair victimization by the Nigerian broadcasting corporation.

The weather in Abuja however, where it is raining in torrents, leaves us wondering if indeed, the High Chief will brave the rain to protest.

Notice of the protest read in part “

“The Founder and Chairman Emeritus of DAAR Communications Plc, owner of RayPower FM, African Independent Television (AIT) and FAAJI FM, High Chief Raymond Dokpesi is protesting against plots by the APC led Federal Government to gag the media and suppress free speech.

High Chief Dokpesi will be staging a “One Man Demonstration” to the National Assembly on Thursday, June 6, 2019 after a world Press Conference at AIT Complex, Gbaduma Hill, Asokoro, Abuja by 8:00Am

We invite ALL Nigerians and the International Community to note this obvious act of brigandage against freedom of speech and association as clearly expressed in our Constitution.

AIT and RayPower have not violated any code of broadcasting as alleged by the NBC. The NBC and the government in power are not comfortable with the broadcast industry because of its courageous and dogged stance in informing Nigerians on happenings in the country.

We are in a Democracy and must all rise to defend Nigeria from anti democratic forces. “

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