To mark the seventh anniversary of the death of their loved ones, families of victims of the 2012 Dana crash and other plane crashes have lamented the lack of implementation of promises by the Federal government.
In a statement signed by the chairman Paul Okwulehie, the families called for transparency in the aviation sector.
The families said, their pain at the loss, remains evergreen.
“We were here this time last year (2018) to mark the Sixth Anniversary of the death of our Loved Ones on DANA Air Flight 9J 922 on a clear-sky Sunday afternoon on the 3rd of June 2012. We are here again today. We are here because no day, since June 3, 2012 has erased their memories from our hearts. ”
“On the occasion of the second, third, fourth and fifth anniversaries we reiterated the questions we had asked on 3rd June 2012-what exactly happened to DANA 9J 922 on that day? Why did it happen? Who are responsible? And now, what has changed? Why would it not happen? What about the rights of families they left behind? Are compensations paid?”
They lamented that the incidences were a result of systems failure.
“We promised that we would dedicate our energies to ensuring that air travels in Nigeria, after June 3rd, 2012 was safer than would have been the case. This is still work in progress.
It was only after 5 years, the Nigerian Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) released the Accident Report relating to the crash of Dana Air Flight 9J 922. From the Report the following emerged: the pilot (Mr Waxton) was unqualified, would not call out operating procedure, did not land at the nearest airport when the first engine failed, had earlier been suspected by the US Federal Aviation Authority for various misdemeanors and had received negative evaluation by his trainers. “
“Similarly, Dana Air and Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) fell woefully short of discharging their supervisory and regulatory responsibilities. All reference letters presented by the unqualified pilot to DANA and NCAA were neither signed nor authenticated. The background check on the Captain was shamefully inadequate. The line training given to him was hurried and there was no evidence that his deficiencies were corrected before the crash. Furthermore, there were discrepancies on the amount of fuel uplifted by the aircraft on that flight. We simply stated the findings of the AIB investigator Report. As Families of Victims, we would continue to reserve our comments until all on-going Court processes are completed. “
They also decried the poor rescue system in Nigeria.
“Beyond the Failures of DANA Management and Regulatory Bodies, the crash of DANA 9J 922 was supposed to be a rescue mission. Some of our loved ones would have been rescued. They were not, for the simple reason that no system was in place on June 3rd,2012. Is there one in place now? Is it rehearsed, updated and fine-tuned? “
They lamented that their recommendations to avert future incidences are not being implemented.
“We had, on the 4th Anniversary made twelve recommendations, we believe would significantly makes the Nigerian airspace safer for air travels. Did any of the relevant agencies and operators take notice? We had recommended constant review of the qualification experience and competence of all pilots flying commercial aircraft in Nigeria, among several recommendations. “
They called for regular safety audits for aircraft.
Family members of various plane crash victims in Nigeria had come together to form a foundation called safer skies foundation Nigeria.

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