She felt so weak, she could hardly move a muscle. It had been one long day for her. From laundry, to cleaning and cooking after two hours at the market,one could hardly say she had enjoyed her Saturday.

Lima dished food for her husband and the kids. As she dished his food, she sighed. There was no knowing when he would come home to eat. There was no guarantee even that he would eat when he returns. In anycase she had done her bit. She wondered how long she would have to put up with this facade of a happy family.

Getting into the room, she lay down with the intention to nap for 15 minutes before going next door to greet a neighbor who put to bed.

The next thing she felt was a hand shaking her and her Sister calling her name. ” Lima wake up fast, you must stop them”.She sat up slowly, trying to process the information she was hearing.” Don’t just lie there, go and fight for your love, stop them before its too late”.

She could hear it clearly now, the sounds of the drums beating. The music was loud, and left nothing to the imagination, as to the ceremony going on. It was a traditional marriage obviously. She walked to the window and looked out, there was Samuel in finery, beside him ‘ his woman’ . They were getting married today.

“Won’t you stop them? Her Sister asked.How can you let this happen when you both love each other? She shook her head in disbelief. This was the same person who had stopped at nothing to separate them urging her to go and disrupt their marriage. Shouldn’t she be happy? Her plans had worked.

She walked back to the bed and made to lie down. The pain she felt in her heart was indescribable. Somehow it seemed as though the power to alter what was about to happen was given to her. It was her decision that would make or mar the ceremonies. On a second thought she lay down. Let them get married. She had survived all these years without him.

Her Sister shrugged and started shedding tears “See how you are throwing away your happiness, you know if you don’t stop them now,you can never have him back”. “I know”, she said and turned to face the wall.

She woke up suddenly, sweating profusely, it was a dream. But it had seemed so real. Then it hit her like a flash, today was actually 29th December, Samuel was actually getting married several States away to another woman.

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