No , this could not be happening. How could he do a thing like that? Expose her to ridicule before her friends. The same friends she had stood up to and defied to give their relationship a chance.
Lima was more disappointed than angry. Of course this wasn’t the first time she had heard his name linked to another female but this hurt the most because it appeared her close circle of friends had been privy to the betrayal, in fact ,Shirley the girl in question was their crony.
She had entered the university ahead of them thanks to Waec and Jamb and so had to make new friends, so had they. Today however haven finished her lectures for the day early. She thought it was a good idea to spend time with them. No sooner had she joined them at the canteen they were hanging out than their whole discussion changed and centered on how much attention Samuel was paying to Shirley.
Lima remembered how they all had tried to stop their relationship. On more than one occasion they had called a conference and addressed her on the dangers of dating a junior student. She had been adamant anyway and insisted that it didn’t matter to her. Inspite of all that , he was repaying her this way.
She found an excuse to leave her friends sooner than planned. As she did so she resolved never to let him hurt her again. She was done being Queen of the pack.
Sitting across the table from him now 19 years after, she found the courage to ask him for the first time. ” Tell me Sam, not that it matters but I need to know, what was between you and Shirley during our university days?” He started laughing ,” nothing, we lived close to each other in Port Harcourt where I normally spent my holidays with my elder brother “.
She couldn’t believe her ears! Could it be  true? Had she needlessly shut out the love of her life all these years for nothing? Was he lying?
Oh well, what did it matter? She had already been married for over 15 years and he was engaged to some one else.
The engagement! That was one other thing she didn’t like to think of but he could not remain single for ever because of a love they once shared, could he?

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