In a bid to tackle emerging security threats on the abuja -Kaduna road, the Nigerian Railways Corporation (NRC) has beefed up security on the Abuja-Kaduna rail service corridor .

The Operations Manager of Abuja-Kaduna Train Service Sir Victor Adamu disclosed this yesterday during the training of private guards engaged to provide auxiliary security services on the corridor.
“This is one of the routine training of security guards. We take the issue of security serious more so that we are experiencing security challenges on the Abuja-Kaduna highway which has pushed huge passenger traffic to the train service. So we are providing maximum security to passengers and our facilities on the rail corridor” he said.
Mr. Otor Lazarus, the Company Secretary, Kwochason Global Guards explained further that they have increased the guards adding that they are being trained to be able to effectively man the exit and entry points’ management as well as surveillance services.
He also said the guards are being trained to be able to handle the new security gadgets that have been procured.
The lead trainer, Mr. Oyelade John Gabriel, the Chief Superintended of Corpse (CSC) Private Guards Department, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSDC), Abuja Command said they are giving the guards basic security training.
“When you consider the recent insecurity across the country, this kind of training of private security guard is necessary. We have several topics to teach them. We have several topics lined up to teach them. We have topics on terrorism, access control, public relations on how they can treat train customers and internal crime prevention” he explained.
“We will also teach the private guards how to relate with state security agents like the Police and Civil Defence, their limitations and their powers, the cases to hand over to the police and the cases to handover to the Civil Defence because they are primary source of crime reporting” he explained further.

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