The “commissioning” exercises embarked upon by President Muhammadu Buhari in Lagos recently left so many development oriented stakeholders standing hands akimbo, wondering what the rationale was for the “commissioning”.

Although the Lagos State Government later clarified that it was not a “commissioning” but an “Inauguration”, it was obvious that so many things were amiss as regards the “haste” to inaugurate uncompleted projects.

The Oshodi Transport Interchange was a point in question. This Project was suppose to be long term and was expected to have been completed in the second term calculation of Governor Ambode.

Unfortunately, as stated by the APC National Leader, Senator Bola Tinubu, Ambode showed that he was not a party man as he (Ambode) had jettisoned the Vision he (Tinubu) had laid down for Lagos which was built upon by Fashola.

Observers believe that the Oshodi Transport Interchange was not part of that “Tinubu Vision” as it was more of an “Ambode Vision”. For that indiscretion, Governor Ambode had to “pay” for it by loosing the second term bid to the incoming Governor (Sunwolu).

The Terminal 3 of the interchange had to be “inaugurated” despite still not completed so as to put it “on record” that the glory for the project can be properly situated to the Visioneer, in this case Governor Ambode.

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