She stared at her Facebook page. He had found her again. Somehow the words Samuel Omukaro wants to be friends with you seemed to be taking on a life of their own. How could he want to be just friends? Again the words seemed to carry energy with them. She delayed hitting the accept button knowing intuitively that it would make a milestone in their “no longer existing yet not dead relationship.”

Lima smiled when she thought of how much effort he had made to keep in touch over the years. She had lost his number three years ago. That was the fourth time she was losing it but each time, somehow ,he would find her after some months. There had been an unspoken agreement among family members not to give him her contact. Apparently, one of them had done so the first time he got it. Her cousin was to confess years after the first call that she was the one.” Aunty Caro said it was a matter of food on the table for her kids, he had agreed to give her the link to the contract on condition that she gives him your number, I had no choice”. She had looked at Sonia with mixed feelings, relief that she had ended his misery and anguish at the thought of the conflicting feelings that act of generosity had cost her.

Rejecting his friend request won’t stop him from finding me, she mused. With one swift move she hit the accept button and sat back breathing fast. It reminded her of all those years ago when it had all started.

She had walked into a Junior class to stop them from making noise. Her duty as prefect included maintaining peace and order. She walked into the class and slammed her hand on the desk, she now had their attention. “Stop disturbing the peace of the school, ” she bellowed. ” you will all be punished if I hear any more noise from this class!” She noticed him sitting in one corner reading a novel just as she turned to leave. He was easily the tallest person in the class, a full head taller than the rest of the class. What struck her was his composure. He looked completely unruffled by her threat. He had obviously not been talking anyway.

She walked to where he sat, collected the book and checked the title, it was a Hardley Chase book. She loved Hardley Chase but pride would not let her beg him for the book. Since she couldn’t think of a way to ask for it by force, she turned to leave.” You can read it when I am done if you want to, he offered. ” How did he know she loved books? She turned around and walked quickly away. For some reason, her intuition told her, he spelt trouble.

How right,that Hunch was. That chance meeting ,marked the beginning of a long journey to love and pain.

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