Tonto Dike has taken over Regina Daniel’s trending moments on Social media with her disclosures about her husband. The whole story of who spent what and who did what is now out in the open and even those who never knew when they married now know the cost of the marriage.

This is not the first time we are seeing Nigerian celebrities fight each other in Public but the intensity and the repeated unsolicited information makes one begin to wonder if we all are not being treated to a meal we did not request and being forced to keep feeding.

Marriage, is meant to be sacred and even if it comes to an end, both partners for old time sake should accord each other and the relationship some respect. If stones should be thrown, it should not be in public but in private.

Young people are now afraid to go into marriage because of the negative shades being thrown at marriage.This belies the fact that there are many great marriages out there.

Most worrisome is the fact that inviting the public to a marriage dispute makes it more difficult to bury the hatchets and embrace reconciliation. It is true that some marriages are unhealthy and people in such marriages are better off separated but why not go in peace?

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