Yesterday, 25th April, 2019, the spokesman for the President on media and publicity, Mr. Adesina Femi, issued a press release to intimate the public of the Nigerian Presidents “private” visit to the UK and also giving us the timeline for his return.

The fact that the visit was suppose to be “private” presupposes that it wasn’t an official visit that would involve making his engagements public.

In the same vein, a private visit should also presuppose that the president is not suppose to use anything official for the trip.

Now the opposition has capitalised on this gaff by the President’s media team to insinuate that the President is abusing his privileges to use tax payers money for a private visit.

When there are no adequate explanations for certain actions of our leaders, the public(citizenries) are made to fill in the yawning gaps with perspectives that are most times not the intentions of government.

The media handlers of government officials, especially that of the Presidency, should alway be on top of their games with issues pertaining the inteneries of government.

That’s the way genie sees it.

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