The raiding of a strip club in Abuja, the nations capital which saw an unexpected twist with Married women, daughters of the who is who and university undergraduates among the strippers arrested , has elicited missed reactions from people.

Some think ,the closure of the Strip club, is not fair on the business owner as he was merely earning a living and did not force the women to patronise him, others are enraged that such a place could thrive and be associated with, by the calibre of people who should know better.

A cross section of people who spoke to our correspondent were of the opinion that it was an indictment on our religious leaders ,some of who have watered down the teachings and emphasize prosperity. Some say it is a reflection of the poor state of morality in our country.

To yet another group, there is nothing wrong with exposing their nakedness as the strippers are free moral agents a and adults at that. These argue, that most African traditional dance attire are revealing and in some cases costumes bare breast and backsides.

The question however is the effect of having such places , operating freely in our societies. Whether the fabrics of morality should be allowed to erode completely because those clubs generate revenue and pay taxes or a closer look should be taken at them because other vices like drug abuse thrive in such places.

To put this in perspective, close your eyes for a minute and imagine walking into a strip club. On taking your seat and ordering a drink, you turn to examine the stripper and voila, it is your undergraduate daughter who ought to be in school , studying for her degree. Worst still, let’s say it is your beloved wife who traveled just that morning.

Enjoy your imagination and there will be no need to read further. Cringe and you might want to do some foundational check on your self, your daughter, your wife and our society as a whole.

How much,is too much when it comes to liberty and entertainment. How much is too much, when it comes to keeping our culture?

Enjoy your midweek!

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