It was mind-blowing seeing the elaborate fanfare that heralded Mr Presidents visit to Lagos today.

It was so very colourful as the government officials took him around all the places earmarked for “commissioning”, with the outgoing Governor in tow!

It was so very curious that Senator Bola Tinubu, the Leader of the party, was absent at this epoch making event as it is believed he must have had some other more pressing engagement.

Now that the Oshodi Transport exchange and the International airport road projects have been “commissioned”, what happens to the uncompleted portions of the projects?

When will the commissioned projects, especially the Oshodi Transport interchange be put to “official” use?

Will the incoming Governor also invite the President to do the “recommissioning” after the project is finally completed?

Will Sonwolu find it burdensome to complete the project considering that Ambode did not follow the “master plan” of Lagos state as designed by the Asiwaju?

How would the international community feel when they come into Nigeria to see a “completed” Airport road project still being given a “face lift” to ensure final completion?

What immediate benefit to the common man has the commissioning of uncompleted projects served?

Tomorrow the contractors might continue the left over portions or might even abandon same till the new Governor renegotiated the contract terms.

When will all these shenanigans stop the deceits and fooleries?

The answer is blowing in the winds.

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