Former chairman anti- corruption commission, Yusuf Ali SAN, has called on the 9th assembly to ensure that policies become legislation to enhance continuity in governance during their tenure.

Yusuf Ali who spoke in an exclusive interview with our correspondence in abuja, cited Donald Trump and how the legislation in America had prevented him from implementing some of his ideas.

He called for a better relationship between the three arms of government in the interest of national development.

“There should be more understanding, there should be respect. The executive should try to respect the two other arms. None of the arms is superior to the other, there should be mutual respect.”

The Senior advocate however warned that in trying to keep the peace, the Legislature should avoid becoming a rubber stamp legislature.

” The legislature more than the other two arms have a higher responsibility to ensure there is adherence “.

He said the incoming legislature should take another shot at getting assent to the electoral act, ” there is opportunity to have another look at the electoral act by the incoming national assembly ,so that the rejected amendments can be worked on.

Commenting on whether the secret ballot system by which Saraki became Senate President in 2015 should be utilized in picking their leadership ,he says ” the national assembly has the power under the law to regulate its own proceedings. It can prescribe its own methodology for voting.

There has been a lot of conversation surrounding the emergence of the leadership of the 9th Assembly which will be inaugurated June 2019.

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