Holidays are periods when most people have to cool off and also shake off the stress of their vocations. Easter is not an exception.

Even the children are not left out of this “cooling off” syndrome. Especially when the holidays fall in after a hard school work term.
Everyone look out for locations where they would have so great a fun that they remember for a long time.

Malls have become openings where a lot of people visit to get a feel of family togetherness and bonding of some sort.

You have special eateries, shopping stores , spars and viewing centres.
These outlets usually make a “kill” from such offerings as they charge almost double the price of what is usually the fees on normal or usual days.

Our correspondent visited City Mall at Ikeja and noticed that it was jam packed with holiday makers that wanted to catch fun and in some cases shop for the week.

At the movie centre at the mall, it was really almost like a stampede considering the crowd that showed up.

Gating fees were “uniform” as no “discrimination” between an adult and children as regards amount for a movie ticket. Captain Marvel and Knock Out pulled so many crowd and one can imagine high bottom lines.

It was same at the shopping outlet at the mall. The queues there all through the day, to pay for goods purchased, was massive and sometimes frustrating.

It was fun time for everyone and the fun would continue on Easter Monday before everyone gets back to their vocations from Tuesday.


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