She woke up with a start ,sweating and oddly feeling sad. Looking around she quickly came to her senses. Lying besides her fast asleep were her husband and her son. In his characteristics way Hubby had managed to take up 70 percent of the space leaving she and the boy to manage 30 percent. She adjusted him best as she could to create additional space.

She lay down for long bit could not go back to sleep. Samuel was unhappy. She just knew. She had always been able to sense his moods. This time. It was rather disturbing because she had not seen him for about seven years and their relationship had been over for a total of nine years.

She felt sorry for him when she recalled how much effort he had made in her dream to stay back and spend some moments with her. But her family, always her family. Even in her dream the dislike was palpable. Somehow he had just located her and was telling her something she could not quite remember. Just like all those years ago, he had to escape through the back door when her Dad stormed in, having been alerted by her siblings.

She sighed. It had always been so. Every one except for his family had fought their relationship. It was the case of a good girl from a decent home falling in love with a young boy at the height of his youthful exuberance.

She smiled as she remembered that first visit to her house. He had promised to check on her during the holidays but somehow she didn’t expect it to be so soon . School had vacated just the previous day and being both boarding students , they had barely spent 24 hours at home. She was in the parlor chatting with her elder Sister. The normal sibling rivalry existed between them heightened by the fact that Christel was the goody two shoes type while she was your average fun loving person.

You could tell that the car that was coming was on top speed from the sound, especially since the gate was not far from the house. Both Sisters and their brother who was inside hurried out to see who the reckless driver was. You can imagine her shock when she saw it was him. She was torn between being angry at him, worries at the reaction of her elder ones and joy to see him again so soon. thank God her parents traveled.

He came out of the car oblivious to the vibes he had set off. He shook her brothers hand, nodded at her Sister and said hello to her with a grin. She stood there dumbstruck.

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