Internal controls in any institution, private or public, presupposes that there are systems of controls instituted by the management or executives to ensure “checks and balances” so as to prevent any individual or group of individuals to have the leeway to short circuit to the system in place for personal aggrandizement!

It is a fact that anytime a system of controls is in operation and running “smoothly”, it is definitely unlikely that an individual can see a transaction through, from initiation, processing, and recording without going through the internal audit “brick wall”

The various agencies and ministries of government are supposed to have in place internal control departments who, again, are supposed to present reports of activities within their agencies and ministries to the Auditor General of the federation on “strange” happenings in their agencies for “proper” follow-up!

The heartbreaking “revelations” being made with respect to the various fraudulent activities of individuals saddled with overseeing our commonwealth have definitely exposed the Auditor Generals of the various states and that of the federal authorities as culpable in the various “crimes” being “unearthed” by the EFCC and ICPC that have been committed against the citizenry!

In the light of this, it is imperative that the Auditor Generals are made to “account” for her role in ensuring that a lot of the Nigerian commonwealth were mismanaged, misapplied and misappropriated!
That’s the way genie sees it

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