It has been discovered that when decisions are taken, it is a truism that a lot of scenarios must have been considered before a final solution is implemented based on available options that might have propped up and can also have been considered as “viable” in addressing a particular challenge!

It is therefore imperative to state that outcomes or after effects of a particular decision is premised on available information at the disposal of the individual or group of individuals having the responsibility to proffer solution to the particular challenge!

The “correctness” or otherwise of a particular decision cannot be used as a yardstick or pigeon holed as an “ideal” or @best fit” in tackling challenges having seemingly similar outlook.

Every challenge is unique requiring the ability of the decision maker(s) to “free up or “loosen up” his/her(their) minds from prejudices of past or similar encounters so as to be able to proffer specific and relevant solutions that would ultimately take care of nuances that is definitely unique to the present challenge!

We often wonder why solutions that worked for a particular challenge seems not to be working for a seemingly similar challenge we are presently confronted with.

The answer can be gotten from the fact that we have become so stereotyped and fixated in our mindset that we overlook the fact that every challenge obviously have new complexities that are not only unique but have new realities that might not have been taken into cognizance when prior and seemingly similar challenge arose!

When we continue to use same solutions for seemingly similar but obviously different and unique challenges, we would definitely continue to get the same unpalatable result which then makes it seem as if the challenge is insurmountable and “beyond the ordinary” ensuring a resort to “supernatural powers”!

There is always a unique but different solution to a seemingly similar challenge!

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