I go through tbe headlines everyday and find that the word.inconclusive has carved a niche for itself in Nigeria’s politics.
Less you think I am talking about the states where INEC declared elections inconclusive,take a good look at the various sectors and tell me which one has a conclusive approach to solving the relevant challenges.

I needed to do a fitness test and decided to ask a few friends so could do it in record time.
At the villa hospital, my friend explained that the xray machine is bad but not to worry, a private clinic will handle just that aspect.
My next stop was a top military establishment in Abuja I wont mention. Their xray was down too and the reagent for something as simple as genotype was unavailable. So the fitness test was inconclusive.

Next scenario ,a woman called into a tv program where i had been preaching zero tolerance for domestic violence to say she needed help as a victim.I quickly contacted the ministry of women affairs, was redirected to another unit and again to another parastatal.all these took weeks.
All the while, the woman was in danger and her intervention inconclusive.

Now to the just concluded elections, the electorates in some states like Rivers are still living in fear pending the rerun , those in Imo are waiting for Rochas to spill the beans , while you and I are anxious to know if Atiku will go to court and win the incumbent, pretty inconclusive.

As I write I am stuck in traffic because the road linking two states,one of them the FCT is not wide enough though it is used by over 50 percent of the workforce who live on the outskirts and loose productive hours every morning.

There have been talks of expanding the road since 2003 but you see,the talks are inconclusive.

Who did this to us?

That’s the way Adee sees it!

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