It is so very disheartening to realize that Nigeria has become a laughing stock in the comity of nations in terms of how we handle processes that, in other climes, are so excitedly and professionally done.

In this age and time, INEC is still saddled with the responsibility of using ” paper technology” in transmitting our election results for 5(five) days while it took India, a country with over 1 billion citizenry, one (1) day, to get it all done.

We manually start transmission from the polling booth to the wards. From the wards to the Local government. From the Local government to the states and from the states to ABUJA, the Federal capital, before we know who will be declared winner!!!

The excuse for this shinaniganistic tendencies is premised on the fact that our Electoral system does not allow “ELECTRONIC MEANS OF TRANSMISSION”!

The processing and transmitting election results is so stone aged and clearly verify of imaginations to the extent that even professors reading the prepared results are even not confidently disposed as the results and figures are embarrassingly not adding up!

How long shall we consistently do the same thing and expect a different result?There has to be a paradigm shift from same of the same since 1999.

2023 should not meet us with these kind of processes as now is the time to present proposals to the National Assemblies for them to bail us out from this seasonal embarrassment so we can be counted with better climes that a doing the right thing with less expensive processes.

Then and only then can we beat our chest and say we are truly GIANTS OF AFRICA!

That’s the way genie sees it!

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