She reached out to pick the phone at the same time, she turned down the volume of the TV. For some strange reason ,she always found it difficult to hear a person on a call while any other sound is on. So much for women’s ability to multi task!

” Hello” ,she said sweetly into the mouthpiece wondering why the call had to come and interrupt her favorite TV program. “Hello” the person at the other end of the line replied. She quickly ran the voice through her mental voice bank. It didn’t ring a bell at all. “Who is on the line please? ” Micheal’ came the reply. Funny how that didn’t sound like any Michael she knew but something kept telling her she knew that voice.

“Which Michael please” she asked? He sighed heavily over the phone, and then came the reply that rocked her otherwise peaceful boat ,”Samuel “.

Suddenly the veil lifted and she could tell why the voice seemed strangely familiar all the while. It was him. The one person she wanted so much to forget. The one memory that brought so much joy and pain. The night made that wouldn’t go away all these years. Her deepest fear had been realized. He had somehow found her contact.

“Are you not happy to hear from me? ” he asked, ” of course I am ” she quickly answered. Her chest constricted to think of what her husband, Gerald would do if he got to know about this phone call.

The conversation that followed was forced and awkward. It was difficult to believe that at one time, these two had practically lived for each other. By the time he got off the phone she was a nervous wreck already.

For some strange reason, her mind went back to the first time they had met after she got Married. She had gone to shop for her son’s second birthday. It was going to be a small ,quiet affair so there wasn’t much to buy. She had picked almost every thing and was in the middle of picking out cookies when she heard his voice at the counter. She stopped in her tracks and looked up to confirm if it was indeed him. Her heart beat increased as she sighted him in his signature Jeans, tee shirt and sneakers at the counter paying for a bottle of Gin. She quickly turned and was about to walk further down the aisle and hide but he had sensed her presence already and was walking towards her.

The last thing she wanted was to talk to him alone,so she turned swiftly and walked back to the counter. At least, there were other people there. He followed closely and caught her hands oblivious of the cashier and other customers at the counter. What are you doing here? How are you? How does he treat you?

Tongue tied she placed her items on the counter and waited for the cashier to tell her the bill. Before she could open her purse to pay ,he picked the tab and collected her parcels from the cashier forgetting his gin on the counter. “Let me see you off to the car” he said. She followed him like some one in a daze. He helped her put the things in the boot and turned to the driver’s side where she was struggling to put the key in the ignition. ” Tell him to take care of you or else….. ” he turned and disappeared back into the supermarket.

A knock on the door brought her back to the present. She set down the phone and walked towards the door to open it. As she welcomed Gerald home, she trembled within because she knew it was only a matter of time before that phone call would tear them apart.

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