The ominous trailer released in March has got everyone on the edge of their seat for the first episode. 

The new two-minute trailer has well and truly taken the Westeros Wide Web by storm.

Firstly, we saw Arya running from someone (or something?) through stone corridors, suggesting her usually-powerful disposition was rattled by a fight-or-flight scenario.

Over footage of Ser Davos and Master of Whisperers Varys looking rather unhappy, her voiceover says: “I know death. He’s got many faces. I look forward to seeing this one.”

‘Death’ could very well be the Night King, or perhaps a suicide mission to save her family from the Winterfellian battle we know is upon us.

We go on to see Cersei’s army of mercenary sell-swords upon the Narrow Sea, presumably headed for King’s Landing. German actor Marc Rissmann (Last Kingdom) has been confirmed as Golden Companycommander Harry Strickland and it could very easily be him, with his back to the camera, looking ready to address the army.

For those wondering what happened to the Wall, the trailer also confirmed the survival of Beric Dondarrion and Tormund Giantsbane. Beric was seen with a flaming sword and Tormundwas stomping through a corridor (not too dissimilar to the one we saw Arya legging it through). 

Mad Queen Cersei also appeared to be back in in full maniacal swing stood at the battlements of King’s Landing with her sinister advisor, Qyburn.

“Everything you did brought you where you are now,” he says. “Where you belong. Home.”

Perhaps most excitingly, the trailer saw Daenerys leading her crack army of eunuchs out of Winterfell alongside Jon Snow, setting the scene for the battle between the Seven Kingdom and the undead. 

Jaime, who also seems to be at Winterfell, is seen drawing steel and crying out as flames roar around him. While I’ve not quite forgiven him for pushing Bran out that tower window to protect his rather terrible twin lover, the clips do suggest he has heroically attempted to fight for the people she hates the most.

The troops gather at Winterfell - presumably, to wage war with the undead
The troops gather at Winterfell – presumably, to wage war with the undeadCREDIT: HBO

As troops appear to gather at Winterfell, we also see Greyworm (the eunuch Unsullied) and Missandei (Daenerys’ advisor) in a passionate kiss. My money’s on a quick death.

Dragon-wise, every character appeared titillated as ever. Drogon and Rhaegal were seen flying all over the place — Winterfell, in particular — and shocking the Starks below.

Later, the non-zombie dragons appear to be approached by Daenerys and Jon — presumably for the secret Targaryen’s first test flight.

Near the end of the trailer Tyrion (finally!) appears before we cut to Brienne of Tarth, Podrick, Ser Jorah and sundry Unsullied and Stark troops preparing for battle. Just before an undead hoof hits the ground.

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